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Rocklin Real Estate

Rocklin is a suburban area of Sacramento with a population of  61,697 residents. Residents take a lot of pride in living in Rocklin and it’s evident just by driving through the neighborhoods. You will always see well maintained yards, freshly paved roads, and people outdoors enjoying their neighborhoods. Many people choose to move to Rocklin because they want their children to live in a safe atmosphere that provides them with many opportunities. Rocklin has a tremendous education system and has services for children that learn in a multitude of different ways. Rocklin is also in a great location, just minutes away from the Galleria mall and plenty of restaurants and shopping.


“Having lived in several different cities, I can honestly say that Rocklin is one of the better ones. Driving around the streets and neighborhoods, you can see they are maintained, clean, and the landscaping is always well tended to. The roads are smooth and painted to clearly see lines, etc.. The parks I have visited are always clean and appear to be well kept. The schools are highly rated. There are many community activities throughout the year. I walk in the morning and night and have always felt safe. Everything, including medical care is a 10 minutes drive away-no freeways!” – Rocklin Resident