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Rancho Cordova Real Estate

Rancho Cordova is a suburban area in Sacramento with a population of 70,785 residents. Many residents love living in this area because it offers a small town feel while also having access to many city-like amenities. Rancho Cordova has affordable real estate options and the median price range for a home is $251,500. One Resident said, “I really love Rancho Cordova! Some parts of the city gives a very small-town feel, like in the neighborhoods where you know everyone. In other places, there is a more metropolitan-feel, and there are many stores and markets nearby and easily accessible everywhere. There are a few colleges in the area as well, so it’s nice if people want to stay local during their graduate studies.” Trust the residents to give an honest depiction of what the lifestyle is like in Rancho Cordova and see what this area can offer you!