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Lincoln Real Estate

Lincoln is a town in the Sacramento area with a population of 46,404 residents. Many residents love Lincoln because it still has that small town feel while also being close to shopping areas & restaurants. Lincoln has dealt with a lot of growth over the years due to many people wanting to live in a safe, well maintained area that is in close proximity to work and other resources. Residents and vistors love Old Lincoln because you can walk along the streets and visit small mom and pop shops while being close to the city. Because Lincoln has that small town feel, residents deeply care about their community and often come together for different festivals and holidays.


“Lincoln, CA has great schools in my experience. I was involved in the GATE program in elementary, performing arts in middle school, and carried on with advanced classes in high school. Lincoln also has awesome community programs such as sports and and other activities. It’s a smaller town, so it isn’t too expensive to live here, but it is growing so you don’t have to travel far for anything. It’s also very close to Roseville, which is full of things to do.” – Lincoln Resident